China Fuji

Japanese Sushi and Chinese Cuisine

Written By: Cheryl Johnston

Visit China Fuji and expect to have your expectations exceeded. We were pleasantly surprised this month when Janine Nickerson of the Brandon Community Roundtable invited us to share lunch at one of her favorite Valrico restaurants – China Fuji.

Owners Yanci and Kam Chen opened China Fuji five years ago after selling their first restaurant on Kingsway Road. China Fuji has a lovely interior, great food, and sushi freshly prepared on site.

Almost immediately after being seated, we were served our beverages and a nice bowl of fried Chinese noodles, the wide variety, to munch on while we studied the extensive menu. With so many choices to consider, this took a few moments.

We finally settled on the Shrimp with Snow Peas with Wonton Soup and the Egg Foo Yung lunch combination with an eggroll.

Everything was delicious. In fact, we are quite certain we’ve never tasted a fresher or more tasty eggroll. The soup, served steaming hot, was especially flavorful as well. As for the entrees, we both would order these dishes over and over again. The portions were generous enough to fill take home boxes, too.

Egg Foo Yung is a Chinese specialty that many folks have never tried, but it’s always on my “foods I crave that I like to introduce others to” list. I describe it as a light and fluffy egg pancake that contains onions, bell pepper, celery or other finely chopped vegetables and/or meat such as chicken, beef, or pork. (Vegetarians can order without the meat.) Typically, egg foo yung is served with two of these fluffy egg cakes, a gravy blend, fried rice and perhaps an eggroll. (I’m making myself hungry again now as I write this : ))

China Fuji has Egg Foo Yung preparation and presentation down pat. In fact, I’ll be returning often and bringing friends.

The Shrimp with Snow Peas that Janine ordered was a beautiful meal in itself. Shrimp cooked to perfection and snow peas with enough “snap” to provide the crunch we always enjoy in Asian food. We learned also that it is available prepared with either white or brown sauce. Janine orders this dish frequently as it’s one of her favorites.

As we were finishing our meal, Kam brought several varieties of sushi rolls as a surprise. She wanted us to have the whole experience. In a word, it was “delicious”! There was so much to sample that Janine had to take some home for her husband to try.

Needless to say, we were impressed. China Fuji offers top quality seafood, meat, vegetables, salads (with homemade ginger dressing), sushi, soups, desserts and beverages in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant is clean and well-kept and the staff smiles often – it’s obvious they love their work and are proud of the meals they serve.

The restaurant also offers party platters, catering and delivery for those special events at your home or business. You can also celebrate at the restaurant!

Open for lunch and dinner, regulars and newcomers alike agree, “China Fuji is well worth the visit because the food is so fresh.” View the menu online at to whet your appetite, and then plan a family outing soon. You’ll be treated to a smile, efficient service, and some of the best Oriental food you’ve ever eaten.


2519 SR 60 E VALRICO, FL. 33594-3830      Phone: (813) 662-2997